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Form Name:PER 3 (Paper PER 3),  ePAF Termination PER 3, ePAF Retro Change in Source of Funds PER 3
Completed By:Program Coordinator or Business Manager/Assistant Business Manager
Used When:Paying House Officers correctly (pay only-Paper PER 3); Changing Source of Funds (ePAF Retro); and Promoting, and Transferring  Off-Cycle House Officers (Paper PER 3);  Terminating House Officers (ePAF).  ePAF PER 3s cannont cannot be submitted for Gratis House Officers, only paper PER 3s..

This form is routed to Human Resources to Promote, Transfer, Terminate Off-Cycle House OffiersOfficers;  to pay House Officers that may not have been paid correctly; to change source of funds.

Direct Questions To:Yolanda Lundsgaard / Human Resources
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