Clinical Competency Committee

New Innovations has a Milestones and Portfolio feature that you should use to make this process very easy and paperless. Attached is a document from the ACGME that shows the following items that the CCC should be taking into consideration in regards to a residents performance:

  • Peer Evaluations
  • OSCE
  • Nursing & Ancillary Personnel Evaluations
  • Operative Performance Rating Scales
  • Mock Orals
  • ITE
  • End of Rotation Evaluations
  • Sim Lab
  • Self-Evaluations
  • Case Logs
  • Student Evaluations
  • Clinic Work Place Evaluations

  • Patient/Family Evaluations

These additional resources can help programs organize for post-application activities, such as preparing for a program site visit, implementing an effective evaluation system and resident/fellow Milestones assessment, and running a Clinical Competency Committee ( CCC ).

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