Newhire Packet

Form Name:Newhire Packet
Completed By:Program Coordinator and Incoming House Officer
Used When:Used to hire the incoming House Officer

This packet contains all needed documentation for the GME Office and Human Resources

Direct Questions To:Yolanda Lundsgaard
Form Link:See Below

Instructions for Completing Form

Instructions for Completing Forms

This packet consists of the following forms:

Human Resource Management New Hire Documents:

Reflects updated forms for the 2024-2025 Academic Year

Sample New Hire Packet

This is a completely filled out New Hire Packet, and represents exactly how the packet should be submitted to the GME Office.  While all of the content in the packet should be checked, the shaded areas call out specific sections of the forms that should be checked closely (signatures and other important pieces of data).  Note:  This packet is sized to fit on legal paper, which will print all of the forms full-size.  However, it can be reduced comfortably onto letter size pages.

Download Sample Packet

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