GME Verification Letter

Form Name:GME Verification Letter
Completed By:Program Coordinator / Program Director
Used When:Upon a House Officer's completion or discharge from a program.

This form is completed and submitted to the GME Office to provide residency program verification to hospitals and employers of our past House Officers.

Direct Questions To:Sara Blakemore
Form Link:GME Online Appointment Forms

Instructions for Completing Form

A partially completed form for each departing House Officer may be downloaded from the GME Online Appointment Forms system.  The Program Director should complete any missing information and submit the signed original form to the GME Office.

A completed verification form with annotations is available here to provide guidance.

Other Info

See GME Online Appointment Forms for additional information about downloading form.

Program Contact Information displayed in the letter comes from the contact information attached to the Program Director as specified in New Innovations.  Any changes can be made to the Office Address, Office Phone, and Office Fax entries attached to the Program Director's Personnel Data.  Changes made will be reflected on the letter the following day.

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