Medical Licenses

Medical Licenses are issued by the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners (LSBME).  Active medical licenses or permits are required for all residents enrolled in LSU Graduate Medical Education training programs.

Types of Licenses

Permit / Intern Permit / PGY Permit - Issued to residents who graduated from a US medical school and are enrolled in a training program.

GETP Permit - Issued to foreign graduates who are enrolled in a training program but have not yet completed a residency program.

Fellowship Training Permit - Not for Fellows training in an ACGME accredited fellowship program.  The permit Issued at the discretion of the LSBME for the purpose of participating in unaccredited postgraduate fellowship training, at a minimum level of postgraduate year four (PGY-4), provided the Louisiana Medical School, or major teaching hospital sponsors a fully accredited ACGME residency program in the same specialty in which the fellowship training is offered. The Fellowship training Permit can only be renewed one time.

Full License - Issued to US graduates who have passed Step 3 and completed 1 year of ACGME approved internship training in the U.S. or Canada;  or foreign graduates who have completed three years of ACGME approved residency training in the U.S. or Canada in the same specialty.  See LSBME Qualifications for Licensure  - U.S./Canadian Graduates or International Medical Graduates 

LSBME Contacts

License Verification

License for an individual physician may be manually queried by using LSBME Online License Verification system.

All licenses for a program's residents may be verified at once by using the GME Office's Resident License Check sytem.

Applying for a License

All House Officers are ultimately responsible for maintaining their own licensure. 

LSBME License/Permit applications can be found at the LSBME's Licensure page.

License & Permit Renewals

Permits (PGY and GETP) issued by the LSBME are renewed by the program in January.  See LSBME Permit Renewal for instructions.

Full licenses are renewed by House Officers.  See Physician Licensure at the LSBME Webiste for instructions and details.

License Policies

House Officers must take and pass STEP 3 prior to their third post graduate year.

LSBME has mandated that all physicians complete a 3 hour training course and quiz in prescribing CDS/Opioids and submit CME certificates prior to renewing State Medial License/Permit for the first time.

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