Newhire Documents

Complete New Hire Documents Online
  • Log in to the system using the link, ID Number and PIN Code provided by residency coordinator.
  • Read the instructions at the top of the page.
  • Fill out all data on the form. Some basic data has been pre-filled. Make any corrections as necessary.
  • Data can be saved by using the “Save Data” button at the top of the page. Data is automatically saved when the forms are generated.
  • For security reasons, SSNs are NOT saved in the system. If you return to compete the form later, you will need to re-enter SSN.
  • At the bottom of the page, a number of packets will be available for download. For each packet, click the "Generate" button to produce a PDF of the packet's materials, automatically populated with the information entered above.
  • Pay attention to any informational documents listed on the right column for each packet.  These are policies that you are agreeing to in the packets, and for some packets, there are also instructions for online training modules.
  • If any forms need to be updated, you can re-generate the forms at any time with updated information.
  • All forms will need to be printed, signed, and submitted to program coordinator. Electronic signatures or scanned copies of these documents is not acceptable.

Requried Documents

The Required Documents  link will provide a list of all documents that need to be submitted to the GME office at various times. Most of these documents are listed on other forms, but this lists all documents in one place to assist with collecting all needed documents.

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After Entering Necessary Information

Click the Save Data button.

Packets Available for download by incoming HOs:

  • LSU Newhire Packet – All LSU HR and GME documents (GME Data Sheet, W4, Direct Deposit, etc.)  These documents should be reviewed, signed where necessary, and submitted to Program Coordinator with all necessary attachments.
  • Other Facility Appointment Packets
    • Packets will be shown based on locations each program rotates to
    • Follow all instructions in packet.  Sign where necessary and submit to program coordinator.
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