LSBME Permit Renewal

LSBME Permit Renewal Instructions

Download he LSBME Permit Renewal Spreadsheet and House Officer LSBME Program Director Letters, from GME Online Appointment Forms on/after January 4th.  All active House Officers with permits who will be continuing next year are listed on the spreadsheet automatically.  Signed Program Director letters, printed on/after January 4th, for all House Officers renewing their LSBME permits should be signed and attached to this Spreadsheet.  All House Officers renewing permits must pay the renewal fee invoice in LaMed Dashboard on the LSBME website.  

Program Director Letters must have original signatures, no electronic signatures per LSBME.

The LSBME Permit Renewal includes the LSBME Permit Renewal Spreadsheet, the signed Program Director letters and CDS Opioid Training Certificates.  These can be mailed to the LSBME, using FedEx or another tracking mail service, by the Program Coordinators or by the GME Office.  Program Coordinators mail out the spreadsheet and documents on the same date(s) as the GME Office mailing date(s).  If programs choose to have the GME Office mail the documents to the LSBME, all permit renewal documents  must be received in the GME Office by the due date.  The documents, include the permit renewal spreadsheet, signed Program Director Letters and non-LSU Opioid Training Certificates.  These must be hand delivered to Yolanda Lundsgaard or Sara Blakemore in the GME Office. Do Not email the documents.

Documents are to be mailed and addressed to:    LSBME Licensing Department - 630 Camp St.  - New Orleans - LA 70130

  1. For House Officers who will not be renewing their permit (such as HOs who wish to obtain a full license), delete their name from the spreadsheet.  They should follow the instructions on the LSBME website for applying for an Initial license.  They may need a signed program director letter sent to the LSBME.

  2. Print the spreadsheet (only the portion that needs to be submitted will print).  The spreadsheet will provide the LSBME a list of the House Officers renewing permits and the documents included in the mailing.   House Officers should be listed on the spreadsheet only if their program director letter and opioid training certificate, if required, will be mailed to the LSBME.  If no documents  will be included in the mailing to the LSBME for a house officer, remove his/her name from the spreadsheet. If a house officer's name is not included on the spreadsheet, and should be included, add his/her name,  Keep a copy of the Spreadsheet that is being mailed to the LSBME.

  3. House Officers who will be in their PGY 3 year (reminder, this may not be the same as their HO 3 level year), please indicate whether or not if they have passed Step 3 and have had scores submitted to the LSBME.  The House Officers do not yet need to have taken Step 3 however, the LSBME will not extend the permit until Step 3 scores have been received.  Step 3 must be taken and passed before the house officer continues in their PGY 3 year.  This will help us to know if a permit is not issued due to Step 3 versus other problems.  USMLE Step 3 applications are available form the Federation of State Medical Boards, Inc. (FSMB), Do Not contact the LSBME for applications for USMLE packets. Applicants who are required to take USMLE must complete the examination and Board Action History Report (EBAHR) form and arrange to have scores forwarded to the LSBME.  EBAHR forms are available by contacting the FSMB:; (817) 868-4000.

  4. House Officers who have completed the LSU-N.O. CDS training, the Opioid Training column will reflect "On File" and the certificate can be downloaded and printed from the GME Resident Files Site . For House Officers who received CDS training somewhere else, a copy of their certificate must be submitted to the GME Office if the GME Office is mailing out the program director letters to the LSBME; and/or uploaded in CE Broker if needed.  Also, enter a check mark in the Opioid Training column on the spreadsheet.

  5. Program Coordinator writes his/her initials in the Coordinator Initials field to indicate that each person's info on this sheet is correct.

  6. If the LSU GME Office will be mailing the documents to the LSBME, submit the completed spreadsheet and  send the Program Director letters to Yolanda Lundsgaard, or Sara Blakemore in the GME office by the due date.  If the Program Coordinator will be mailing the documents to the LSBME, be sure to attach the Program Director letters and the Opioid Training completion certificates to the spreadsheet.    

  7. Renewal Payments:  Once LSBME receives the Permit Renewal paperwork the House Officers will be individually invoiced. Invoices are in their LaMed Dashboard. House Officers are encouraged to enter their LSBME-LaMed Dashboard to pay the invoice.  It is possible the invoice to pay for the permit renewal is loaded in LaMed Dashboard before the LSBME has received the program director letters and opioid training certificates.  If the invoice is not paid the LSBME will not renew the permit. 

If the House officer sees this message when logged into LaMed Dashboard:  They are not elibigle to renew because they are not withing 56 days (8 weeks) of the next expiration date; they should ignore the message, select "Pay Invoice" and they should be directed to make the payment.  If they are still expericnecing a problem paying the invoice, they should contact their LSBME analyst for assistance.

For Residents With Permit Renewal Uncertainties

If a House Officer is unsure about renewing a permit, (will be applying for full license), or if a program anticipates a House Officer being terminated, that House Officer's name must be removed from the spreadsheet.  The spreadsheet with the house officer's name and the signed program director letter can be sent to the LSBME after the House Officer's continuation in the program has been decided. If an opioid training completion certificate is also required, that can be submitted too.  Communicate to the house officers, if they are not sure if they will renew the permit or apply for full license, that it is their responsibility to notify the program coordinator if a Program Director Letter should be sent to the LSBME and they are responsible for paying the renewal fee invoice in LaMed Dashboard.   Do Not give a Program Director Letter to a House Officer and Do Not send a Program Director letter to the LSBME for a house officer that will not be in the Program.  Full license applications can take months to be approved, House Officers with a permit may want to renew their permit while their full license application is pending.  They will not be reimbursed or credited the fee paid for the permit, but they should have a valid permit to continue in the program July 1 pending approval of their full license.

For Residents Who Withdraw or Are Terminated After Spreadsheet Submission

If it is determined that a House Officer will not be continuing in a program after submission of the spreadsheet and Program Director Letter to the LSBME, the Program Director must submit a letter to the LSBME stating the house officer will not be continuing in the program and include the effective date.  If the House Officer paid the fee to renew his/her permit, the LSBME does not refund payments, The house officer can contact his/her LSBME license analyst if they have questions.

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