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Continuing House Officer Appointment Instructions



Note: If House Officer is continuing but not promoting July 1, all applicable documents noted below are required for July 1 appointment, except Off-Cycle PER 3s. PER 3 can be submitted at beginning of the Academic Year or at least a month before the Off-cycle promotion. At least one month before the off-cycle promotion, an updated signed House Officer Agreement of Appointment MUST BE SUBMITTED.

For Malpractice purposes and Health Science Center Policy, Residents/Fellows are NOT allowed to begin or continue training without valid Medical License/Intern Card/GETP, or other State Board of Medical Examiners licensing approval. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.


1. Academic Year Appointment Packet:
a. Health Requirements-Only Missing or Expired Documents Form
b. Annual TB Test 
c. House Officer Agreement of Appointment (Contract)

d. Driver Safety Form and License

2. Submit signed, Appointment Form, (Includes Off-cycle House Officers that are continuing and NOT terminating June 30 and not promoting July; Auto populated form on Academic Year Appointment Site).

3. Submit signed House Officer Promotion spreadsheet listing House Officers promoting to the next level on July 1 (Auto populated form on Academic Year Appointment Site).

4. Submit signed, Off-Cycle House Officers Spreadsheet listing Off-Cycle House Officers continuing but not promoting July 1 and House Officers terminating after June 30—terminate during the Academic Year. (include House Officers terminating any day in July too; Auto populated form on Academic Year Appointment Site)

5. Submit PER 3 to promote to next level only for Military Paid House Officers, and for House Officers changing House Officer Level but not promoting. (PER 3s ARE NOT required for July 1 promotions for House Officer 2 - House Officer 10 – Residents and Fellows. PER 3s for Off-Cycle House Officers can be submitted at the beginning of the Academic Year or at least a month before the off-cycle promotion or termination date. PER 3 is required if the House Officer is changing House Officer Level, but not promoting e.g. change from Ho 2 to HO 1).

6. Submit DS2019 (for Foreign Medical Graduates with J-1 Visa). – needed every year.

7. Submit Malpractice Spreadsheet to Cynthia Scott. (auto-populated form on the Academic Year Appointment Site)

8. Submit updated GME Data Sheet – Only if the House Officer was on LOA during the previous Academic Year. LOA dates must be included on GME Data Sheet

9. LSBME Licensing Spreadsheet - including Program Director Letter, Check, and CME CDS Certificate. (auto-populated forms on the Academic Year Appointment Site)


VA forms (If applicable) – Send completed forms to LSU GME Office

1. Update LA Medical License/Intern Card/PGY 2/GETP/Other permits Expiration Date in New Innovations.
2. Review/Update Biographical, Medical School, Internship, Residency, Fellowship, and Leave of Absence data in New Innovations.

Discounts & Benefits

LSU Health Sciences Center's employees can enjoy many benefits offered by the services located within the Health Sciences Center.  These benefits include: the Credit Union, direct deposit, savings bonds and pre-tax parking offered through payroll, the Eye Center, Faculty Dental Practice, START, employee educational privileges, student travel accident insurance, and many other discounts.  For more information on any of these benefits, please use the following links.

LSU House Officer Benefits

House Officers are paid twice a month. House Officers receive their first check, which includes the first 15 days of the month, on the 15th of the month. If the 15th of the month is a weekend or a Bank Holiday, House Officers will receive their check on the last working day before the weekend or Bank Holiday.  House Officers receive their second check for the month, which includes the remainder of days in the month beginning with the 16th of the month through the last day of the month, on the last day of the month. If the last day of the month is a weekend or a Bank Holiday, House Officers will receive their check on the last working day of the month before the weekend or Bank Holiday.

HR Employee Self Service

House Officer Pay Scale

Long Term Disability

The LSU GME office provides  Long Term Disability insurance through The Standard for all active House Officers. Long Term Disability Insurance pays you a portion of your earnings if you cannot work because of a disabling illness or injury.

Worker's Compensation

If a serious injury occurs on the job, your department must notify Human Resource Management immediately.

For more information, please contact Tasha Treuil, Human Resource  Management 433 Bolivar Street, Room 608, New Orleans, LA 70112, 504-568-7780,

For a complete listing of important LSU School of Medicine policies & procedures, reference your House Officer Manual or visit:
Needle Stick Protocol

Should a needle stick/exposure incident occur, do the following:

1) Report IMMEDIATELY to the ER for evaluation.  Follow any guidelines/protocols for the individual clinical site.

2) Notify your supervising faculty and/or training program director of the incident immediately.  Complete the DA1973 & DA2000 reporting templates with as much information as possible.  DO NOT DELAY SUBMISSION of these templates if you do not have all pieces of requested information.  Completed reporting templates should be submitted to  All incidents should be reported within five calendar days.

3) Once the completed forms have been received by HRM, you will be provided with the established worker’s compensation claim number to include a billing address should further treatment become necessary.

4)  Should you have questions or need additional guidance, you should contact Human Resources at or 504-568-7812.

Additional guidance on the worker’s compensation process is available at

Additional guidance on the incident and accident reporting process is available at

GME Competency Education Platform (GCEP)

The American Medical Association has created a series of GME competency modules for residents and fellows to complete. These modules are an integral part of the educational component of your residency/fellowship with LSU School of Medicine and are to be completed during your first, second, and third year of training. Completion of these modules is MANDATORY for promotion to the next house officer level and graduation.  For more information, visit the American Medical Association's GME Competency Education Program website.

Information about the modules and how to log in can be found under the Core Curriculum section.

EQuIP - Quality & Safety

The Enhancing Quality Improvement for Patients (EQuIP) program at the LSU School of Medicine is an institution-wide initiative designed to engage residents and fellows in systems-based quality improvement programs at participating clinical training sites.

For more information, visit Enhancing Quality Improvement for Patients (EQuIP) or the EQuIP site.

To browse LSUSOM quality and safety projects, click the link below:

New Innovations

New Innovations is the software package chosen by the Office of Graduate Medical Education to collect and maintain resident records for ACGME accreditation and compliance purposes.  To comply with institutional policies, all House Officers must record daily duty hours within New Innovations.  Additionally, many departments require the use of New Innovations for completion of evaluations, recording of case and procedure logs, and scheduling & tracking of events at which attendance is required.

Logging in to New Innovations

How To Log Work Hours

How to Log Procedures

Getting Help with New Innovations

Computer Support

Help Desk

504-568-HELP (4357) / 
OPEN Monday - Friday / 8AM - 5PM
After-hours calls are handled by on-call personnel 24 hours a day.


The GME Office provides pagers to all LSUHSC New Orleans House Officers with service in Louisiana and Mississippi. The pager unit rental and monthly service fees are paid by the GME Office.  Each House Officer is responsible for their assigned pager.  There is a $55.20 fee for lost pagers, but broken pagers can be replaced at no cost.

See Pager Manuals or Pager Resources for more information, or contact GME Coordinator Ashley Walker, at

House Staff Association

OUR MISSION: The House Staff Association's mission is to advocate for the House Staff – both residents & fellows

WHAT WE DO: We fight for your rights & ensure that the House Staff are represented in institutional decisions

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Join the cause by attending the quarterly meetings & by contacting us with any problems or suggestions

CONTACTS US: Presidents - Dr. DiGiorgio and Dr. Hudson


John P. Isché Library

433 Bolivar Street, New Orleans, Louisiana

Dental School Library

1100 Florida Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana

Visit for more information.

Electronic Resources

E-books, E-Journals, Online Point-of-Care & multiple additional online resources are available FREE of charge with your LSU login ID.

The mission of the LSUHSC Campus Assistance Program (CAP) is to support the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of students, faculty, staff, and immediate family members in order to promote the overall health and effectiveness of the LSUHSC-NO community.

The Campus Assistance Program is a free service provided by LSU Health Sciences Center at New Orleans to assist faculty, staff, residents, students and their immediate family members in resolving personal, academic or work related problems.  Faculty, staff or residents who are enrolled or employed with LSUHSC-NO programs in other cities are also eligible for CAP services.

LSUHSC-NO recognizes that everyone, at sometime, needs a “helping hand” or assistance. Whether you have a simple or a complex problem, the Campus Assistance Program can help.

A counselor is on call 24 hours a day to assist in time of crisis. If you feel you have an emergency or need immediate assistance at any time, contact the counselor on call by following the instructions on the main line (504) 568-8888.

LSUHSC Campus Assistance Website

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 Interactive LSU Downtown Campus Map

 Interactive LSU School of Dentistry Map

 Interactive UMCNO Shuttle Map

UMCNO Day Shuttle Route

UMCNO Evening Shuttle Route

Parking Services

For information on parking, visit:

OSHA Required Mask Fit Testing

ALL LSU House Staff MUST be properly fitted ANNUALLY for an N-95 Respirator Mask, per the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970.

Importance of well-fitting respirators:

Tight-fitting respirators cannot provide proper protection without a tight seal between the facepiece and the wearer's face. Consequently, beards and other facial hair, the absence of normally worn dentures, facial deformities, or jewelry or headgear that projects under the facepiece seal can also seriously affect the fit of a facepiece. To ensure proper respiratory protection, check the facepiece each time you wear the respirator. You can do this by performing either a positive-pressure or negative-pressure user seal check. Detailed instructions for performing these user seal checks are in Appendix B-1 of the OSHA respiratory protection standard.

Questions about annual OSHA-required mask fit testing? Visit the following resource:

Mask Fit Testing Resources - OSHA Standards.pdf

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