Event Resources

The resources below are various hotels, banquet halls, conference rooms and meeting spaces that are available for use for interviews and other events as necessary. This is not a complete list, and facilities other than these listed may be used.  If you have additional facilities that you have used and would like to share them, contact the GME Office.


These hotels will provide discounted or state contracted rates for interviewees. 

Interview Facilities

Resources around campus that can be used for interviews:

Catering Services
On Campus After Hours

For all events on-campus outside of regular business hours (8-5 M-F), the following need to be done:

  • Campus Police needs to be notified about event.
  • Facilities needs to be contacted to turn on air conditioning.
  • Doors remain locked after hours, so accommodations need to be made for participants to enter building.
  • If Alcohol is to be served the Request for Authorization to Serve Alcohol form should be completed.
Banquet Halls

These facilities have banquet/catering venues that can be used for interviewee receptions. 

Conference Rooms & Meeting Spaces

Resources around campus that can be used for various conferences and meetings:

Other Meeting Spaces

Campus Computer Labs

The following on-campus computer labs are available for board testing, training sessions, or other activities which require a computer lab setting.

Disclaimer:  All off-campus facilities listed here are provided for informational purposes only and do not represent any official endorsement or relationship.  The list represent facilities that have either contacted us to provide us with the relevant information or facilities with which our programs have used in the past.   Facilities that wish to be listed may contact the the GME Office with their information and we will add them to these lists.