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This information can assist your program in maintaining the residency or fellowship pages for your program. Within each program, the Program Coordinator, Program Director, Chief Residents and/or other designated individuals can be given access in order to be able to edit the page on an ongoing basis. As of August 2020, all interested residency and fellowship programs migrated to a revised template and layout for their residency and fellowship pages

This video highlights the basics for updating and editing content on program webpages.

Included in the video is information on:

  • Utilizing LSU Health Web Best Practices

  • Using toolbar features in the Content Management System (CMS)

  • Creating a New Page/Listing Pre-Existing Files

  • Uploading a Document/Image

  • Embedding Videos

  • Editing Pictures

  • Tips for Recording Videos

*Please note: the video starts around the 2:15 minute mark

To replace an existing image (when you get a new resident photo), upload the new image, then enter the edit the page function.  In the page editor,  click on the image that needs to be replaced and then click the image icon on the toolbar.  (The images may not display when you’re in the Page Editor… that is OK).

Once in the image properties window, click the Browse Server button to tell the system where the image that was uploaded is located.

Once that’s done, you should be able to save the page and see the changes.  

Copy the following code into the “Source” view of a CMS editor in order to embed a video. The code will allow the video to scale responsively. Replace VIDEOID with the video ID from the video’s URL. For example, the Video ID for is 3LGnHrQHgc4.

<div class='embed-container'>
<iframe frameborder="0" height="420" src="//" width="700">&amp;#160;</iframe>
<div class="clear">&#160;</div>

Suggested Content for Program Pages to Enhance Visibility to Applicants

The following is a list of suggested content programs can add to program pages to enhance visibility.
This information was collected with the intent of enhancing web pages for prospective applicants. It can also be used for ongoing maintenance of the pages.

YouTube Account for Embedding Videos: GME has a shared YouTube account. We are able to upload your video to YouTube to be embedded onto program pages.

  • Institutional video, which includes a message from the Chancellor and School of Medicine Dean

  • Video welcome from Department Chairman

  • Video welcome and letter from Program Director

    • Program Directors can take it a step further and promote “office hours” that they have scheduled to answer prospective applicant questions

  • Virtual LSUHSC Campus Tour

  • Program photos

  • Social Media Links that are specific to the program

  • Program Overview - include the program mission and aim statements

  • Stand Out Facts - what details about the program are used to highlight it’s uniqueness when meeting with prospective applicants.

  • Applicant Information

    • How to Apply

      • Benefits (Salary, Vacation, Insurance, Maternity Leave, Professional Resources offered by program)

      • Sample PGY Level Schedule

      • Clinical Site Information

        • If available, utilize virtual tour videos to highlight where residents/fellows rotate

        • Utilize a link to to the clinical site homepage

      • Living in New Orleans/Baton Rouge/Lafayette/Lake Charles

      • Recent News Updates

        • Links to relevant news coverage, videos or articles

        • Recent publications from residents/fellows and faculty (can be pulled from updated CVs)

        • Ongoing updates in this area to highlight recent noteworthy items


LSU Health New Orleans Web Best Practices

LSU Health New Orleans Graphic Standards

LSU Health New Orleans CMS Tutorial Videos -can guide you with how to do editing on your page.  

LSU Health CMS User Guide - can be referenced when further guidance is needed when editing the page (adding new pages, creating tabs, uploading documents) 

Website 101 Tutorial Guide

Jeremy Schroth - - LSUHSC Photography and Video Production. Some programs have utilized Jeremy to get headshots and group photographs of residents and faculty, as well as compiling videos that can be added to each page.  

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