House Officer Portfolio

A House Officer Portfolio is the academic and personnel record for a House Officer training at LSU School of Medicine.It should include the following:


  • Completed application to program
  • Up-to-Date CV
  • LSU Agreement of Appointment (fully executed copy for each year of training)

New Hire Paperwork

  • Copy of Fully Executed LSU Paperwork
  • Copy of Facility Appointment Packets



  • Faculty Evaluation of resident
  • Peer Evaluation of resident
  • Nurse Evaluation of resident
  • Patient Evaluation of resident
  • Mid-Year Evaluation
  • End-of-Year Evaluation
  • Self-Evaluation
  • Summative Evaluation


  • Abstracts
  • Poster Presentations
  • Oral Presentations
  • Publications

Procedure Logs

  • Report of procedures logged in New Innovations or ACGME

Work Hours

Rotation Schedule

  • Rotation Schedule - 1 per year of training


  • Verifications
  • Loan
  • LSBME Program Director Letter
  • Other Pertinent Communications 
  • Malpractice information

Exam Scores

  • USMLE Step Scores
  • In-Training Exams

**NOTE: Be sure to maintain all records in accordance with the LSU Document Retention Policy and Schedule.

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