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Records of House Officer Evaluations are to be maintained by the Departments. These files will generally be available for review to the individual House Officers, training faculty, Program Director, and other School of Medicine personnel as may be required by the House Officer Program, School of Medicine, or LSU Health Sciences Center. House Officers are not given partial or complete copies of their files. In the cases where an outside entity is requesting information directly on a House Officer, upon receiving a valid release of information from, the School of Medicine will supply the requested information directly to the requesting institution. House Officers will be formally evaluated no less than twice a year; however, more frequent feedback is encouraged. Both strengths and weaknesses should be documented and discussed in the evaluation process, as well as plans to remediate any deficiencies.

Evaluation of House Officers will follow the ACGME requirements for evaluations. Additionally, each House Officer is expected to participate in departmental self-assessment when applicable. Except where specifically described herein, House Officers in regular training programs who successfully complete training during a year would normally be promoted to the next training level. GMEC April 2022