How to Complete the Annual Program Evaluation (APE)

The ACGME Common Program Requirements, stipulate that “the educational effectiveness of a program must be evaluated at least annually in a systematic manner." This is accomplished though the Annual Program Evaluation (APE). A Program Evaluation Committee (PEC) should be created to ensure that each program has undertaken and documented a systematic review process, on at least an annual basis.

See Annual Program Evaluation Checklist

To include in the APE

The following items should be included in an APE and submitted to GME:

    • Program Goals and Objectives - include the effectiveness of the program in achieving these goals

    • Annual Faculty Program Survey

    • Annual Resident Program Survey

    • GMEC Special Focus Review

    • Annual Institutional GME Surveys

    • ACGME Letters of Notification

    • Annual Action Plans - the prior years’ action plans

    • Annual ACGME Resident Survey - the most recent aggregate data from the ACGME ADS resident surveys

    • Annual ACGME Faculty Survey - confidential written evaluations of the program submitted by residents

    • Board Pass Rate - performance of graduates on the board certification exam

    • In-service Scores

    • Faculty Development - opportunities and needs (include faculty development activities)

    • Resident/Faculty Scholarly Activity

    • Graduate Placement

    • Graduate Survey

    • Match Data

    • Recruitment Survey/Feedback

    • Action Plan Reviewed & Approved by Core Faculty - specific action plans developed to address deficiencies and approved by faculty (include minutes approving Action Plan Review by Core Faculty)

    • Program Evaluation Committee (PEC) - minutes and attendance of this meeting and action plan must be completed. (The presence of a PEC and the need for an APE have been requirements for a number of years. In NAS, the ACGME has provided a better defined and detailed structure for programs to use in evaluating the program.

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