Interview Helpful Hints

Interview Helpful Hints

Interviews at a glance:

Before Interviews:

Order Supplies (folders, business cards, tourist books, and name tags)

Set Interview Dates

Plan Meet and Greets (some day of interview some night before)

Submit Prior for off Campus Activities and On Campus Activities

Review Applications on ERAS

Invite Applicants

Prepare for interview days (stuff folders with supplies and include Applicant Information Sheet and Interviewee Acknowledgement Form)

Order breakfast/lunches

Make schedules for interviews

Share applicant files with interviewers

Interview Helpful Hints

Interviews at a glance:

Day of Interviews:

Arrange/Guide the interview days

Set up Breakfast/Lunch

After Interviews:

View Rank Order list 

Enter Rank Order List into NRMP

Match and Match Day

Send Post Match Surveys 

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