Program Directors' Work Station (PDWS)

The Program Directors' Work Station (PDWS) is used by programs to evaluate residency and fellowship applications.  This is done by reviewing application materials, managing interviews, sending messages, generating reports, and ranking applicants.

See ERAS for Programs

To ensure all users who need access to application materials are invited into the system with the appropriate privileges, log into the PDWS.

Use forgot username/password to retrieve your existing account data if necessary.

Users with Coordinator or Super User role or the GME Office, ERAS contact person, can Invite, and Revoke users or change user roles.

  • All “Active” and “Verified” users have been migrated from the previous season - there is no need to re-invite these users.  If the User's role has changed, "Revoke" the current role PDWS: Setup - Revoke a Role  and "Assign" the new role under Manage Users Tab in Setup of the PDWS.     PDWS: Set-Up Assign Role
  • If staff have departed from your program/institution, be sure to “Revoke” their PDWS role under Manage Users Tab in Setup of the PDWS.  PDWS: Setup - Revoke a Role
  • If you have new staff, invite them to the PDWS under Manage Users tab in Setup of the PDWS.   PDWS: Setup - Invite A New User

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