Application Timeline - Residency (Main Match)

July - September

  • ERAS - Residency Programs July Cycle programs with Reviewer/Interviewer role will gain access to PDWS

  • ERAS opens mid-August Review web based version of ERAS to ensure you are familiar with the system

  • ERAS: Applicants start applying to ACGME Accredited Residency Programs only  

  • Meet with the Program Director to determine process for screening applications

  • Prepare recruitment materials (travel guides, program brochure, ect.)

  • Assemble any other packets or materials to be distributed to residency candidates

  • Make preparations for upcoming interview season (make plans for food if needed and rooms are reserved)

  • Update all interview materials by developing itineraries and Interview Evaluation Forms.

  • Secure venue for entertaining applicants, if applicable

  • Note GME Track Deadline

  • NRMP: March Main Match Registration begins at 11:00am (Noon Eastern Time)

  • ERAS: Start receiving applications in PDWS
October - December

  • Determine interview dates, if not already done. Notify faculty and appropriate personnel both administrative and clinical

  • Beginning of interviewing of candidates
  • Orient new faculty to use ERAS online for interviews
  • Plan and coordinate social activities for applicants
  • ERAS: Medical Student Performance Evaluations (MSPE) are released to Residency Program
  • NRMP: Medical Specialties Matching Program Rank Order List Opens

  • Prepare for applicants to call to check their status updates an to find out if they will be offered interviews

  • Assist during interview days by greeting applicants, and providing an overview of the program
  • Coordinate with faculty in interview process by providing them with applicant information
  • Coordinate scoring of applicants
  • ERAS - Residency programs continue recruitment for March Match

  • Interviews continue - ERAS - Residency programs continue recruitment for March Match

  • Send out letters of regret to those applicants who have not been selected to interview
  • Complete GME Track

January - March

  • Finish with Interviews

  • Collect final scores and comments from interviewers and residents
  • Continue letters of regrets to applicants who have not been selected to interview
  • Note deadline for NRMP match quota changes and SOAP participation

  • Coordinate match list

  • Enter match list on NRMP website
  • Register your programs for ERAS for the following year

  • Match Day and SOAP, occur in mid-March. Results are posted on the NRMP webstie.

April - June

  • ERAS: Registration for next season
  • San Francisco Match: Note match deadlines

  • GME Track/GME Census opens

  • ERAS - Program resources updated on ERAS website

  • ERAS - DIOs/DME's gain access to PDWS and send invites

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