VI.B.3. Termination, Non-reappointment, and Other Adverse Actions

A House Officer may be dismissed or other adverse action may be taken for cause, including but not limited to:

  1. unsatisfactory academic or clinical performance;
  2. failure to comply with the policies, rules, and regulations of the House Officer Program or School of Medicine or other facilities where the House Officer is trained;
  3. revocation, expiration or suspension of license;
  4. violation of federal and/or state laws, regulations, or ordinances;
  5. acts of moral turpitude;
  6. insubordination;
  7. conduct that is detrimental to patient care; and
  8. unprofessional conduct.

The House Officer Program may take any of the following adverse actions:

  1. issue a warning or reprimand;
  2. impose terms of remediation or a requirement for additional training, consultation or treatment;
  3. institute, continue, or modify an existing summary suspension of a House Officer's appointment;
  4. terminate, limit or suspend a House Officer's appointment or privileges;
  5. non-renewal of a House Officer's appointment;
  6. dismiss a House Officer from the House Officer Program;
  7. any other action that the House Officer Program deems is appropriate under the circumstances.
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