Core Curriculum Completion Summary

Core Curriculum Progress by House Officer

Go to

If Prompted, enter your LSU username and password.

Click View Progress by House Officer.

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Open Resident Report

Choose the desired program from the drop down menu.

Click View Progress to open an individual resident's report.

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View and Print Report

All Core Curriculum modules will be shown.  Each row will be marked with a status:

  • Outstanding - A required module which has not yet been completed
  • Outstanding (Not Required) - A module that is required for House Officers at a higher level (i.e. resident is currently a PRG 1, but the module is only required for PRG 2 and above)
  • Taken, Not Passed - Indicates each time a resident took a module but did not pass.  This row does not indicate that a module needs to be retaken.
  • Passed - Module has been taken and passed by a resident.

To print the report, click the Print link at the top of the screen.


Taken, Not Passed does not indicate that a module still needs to be retaken.  All entries for each module are clustered together, so there will likely be a row right above or below the row indicating that the module was passed. 

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