Academic Year Changeover - August - December

New Innovations Updates

    • Input New Residents (residents accepted thru ERAS will be handled by the GME Office).
    • Ensure transfers are set for residents transferring between programs
    • Ensure residents transitioning to faculty are set up
    • Make other adjustments needed to resident appointment info.

Begin preparation for new House Officers

    • Make necessary website updates
    • Begin assembling materials for incoming House Officer onboarding
    • Distribute login information for incoming House Officers to fill out their LSU new hire paperwork online.  Logins, PIN codes, and the link to the system are available from the Newhire Documents Tab in the GME Online Appointment Forms system.  Additional instructions for House Officers are available at Newhire Documents.

PER 3s (if necessary)

    • Off-cycle promotions/transfers/terminations happening close to July 1st
    • Changes to Gratis House Officers
    • Other atypical actions

Spreadsheets (if necessary)

Non-US Citizens

Appointment Forms


    • Submit signed Program Director Letters to LSBME for incoming House Officers
    • Ensure incoming House Officers submit License/Permit application, fingerprints, and appropriate fees to LSBME (may be done earlier if position offered or matched before March).  See Medical Licenses for additional information.

Transferring House Officer Documentation (between LSU programs)

    • Ensure House Officer transfer is set up properly in New Innovations (contact Chris Callac for assistance).
    • Complete Internal Transfer Checklist - due March 31st.

Transferring House Officer Documentation (from outside institution)

Other Documentation

    • Submit updated GME Data Sheet for house officers who were on LOA or had changes to their appointment dates during the previous academic.

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