GME Process Tracking

System Name:GME Resident Files
Used By:Program Coordinators
Permissions:Access granted to all users with admin privileges for programs in New Innovations

Provides tracking information for packets (new hire; appointment, etc.) that are routinely submitted to the GME office.

This system allows program coordinators to track the status of New Hire Packets and Appointment Packets that have been submitted to the GME Office.  The system will also show which new hires have begun to complete their new hire forms.

Coordinators can also use the system to track outstanding items for packets before submitting to the GME Office.

Username / Password:

Regular LSU Computer Account

Direct Questions To:GME Office
Access System:

Additional Information

A full history is kept so coordinators can see when actions have been taken on a packet.

When packets are processed by the GME Office, the status of the packet will be updated to reflect any problems with the packet.  If a packet needs to be held by the GME Office or is returned to the coordinators, all of the information about why the packet is being held is in the system.

In the future, additional items that are submitted to the GME Office may be added.

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