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System Name:GME Calendar
Used By:Program Directors and Coordinators

Full calendar of GME Events.  Coordinators can subscribe to calendar to show events within Outlook.

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Instructions for Accessing System

Calendar can be viewed online by anyone at

Outlook Calendar Plugin

Plugin can be installed for automatically syncing GME events with a personal Outlook calendar.  See GME Calendar Sync and GME Calendar Sync Installation for additional info.  This will only work with the Outlook desktop application installed on your own local machine.  It cannot be used in Citrix, and may have issues with Office 2017.

Internet Calendar Subscription

For users not on-site at LSU, or for users who cannot use the Outlook plugin, the GME calendar is also set up as an Internet Calendar, which can be subscribed to by most calendar systems.  Instructions for subscribing with your LSU account are available here.  This will allow you to see the GME calendar within Outlook and from any mobile device that your LSU email is accessible from.

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