Beginning of the Month Certification Report

The Beginning of the Month Certification Report is required every month (BOM).  The report includes all House Officers scheduled for the month.  Program Coordinators are responsible for running the report in Resident Scheduler, reviewing, signing and submitting the Beginning of the Month Certification Report to the GME Office.

Signed reports should be submitted via campus mail or email to Yolanda Lundsgaard in the GME Office, by the due date at the beginning of each Month.  <insert link to calendar> . 

Note:    If errors are found when reviewing the report, the Coordinator corrects the House Officer’s schedule in Resident Scheduler and re-runs the report.

Note:    Coordinators must keep a copy of the BOM Reports on file.  Copies can be in paper or electronic format.

Note: Running Un-assigned/Under assigned in Resident Scheduler before submitting the BOM report by the deadline confirms that all House Officers are assigned for the month.

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