Making Changes after Lockout

Lockout is when Resident Scheduler is locked for payroll to run for the pay period and no changes can be made to House Officer schedules in Resident Scheduler.

  1. Account/Combo code changes after Lockout
  • A PER 3 to Change Source of Funds MUST be submitted to the GME Office for ALL Account/Combo Code changes after Lockout.
  • The Account/Combo code change must be written on the End of the Month Report if it is not already on the report when the Report is Run.The PER 3 can be submitted before the End of the Month report if the change is identified before the last payroll runs, or the PER 3 MUST be attached to the End of the Month report when it is submitted to the GME Office.

2. Leave changes/Updates after Lockout 

Leave changes include updating the Action Type to a House Officer's record in Resident Scheduler.  Leave/Actions are: Vacation, Sick, Educational Leave, Military Leave and Leave of Absence (LOA/LWOP)

All Leave changes/updates EXCEPT LOA/LWOP  -  All Vacation, Sick, Educational Leave, and Military leave changes/updates must be entered on the End of the Month report. The House Officer must certify that the leave dates and leave type are correct or not correct.  Corrections will be entered in Resident Scheduler when the report is received in the GME Office.

3. LOA/LWOP - if the change/update is for LOA/LWOP days for the month or pay period: 

  • Coordinator MUST contact Yolanda Lundsgaard in the GME Office by EMail.  The subject line must state "LOA/LWOP for House Officer".  The House Officer's name and LOA/LWOP dates Must be included in the body of the Email.
  • Coordinator MUST send an Email to this address: and copy Yolanda Lundsgaard in the GME Office. 

The Email must contain the following information:

  • Name of House Officer
  • Effective date of LOA/LWOP
  • Return form LOA/LWOP date.  If this date is not known an estimated return date is requuied.
  • if the leave is for FMLA or not

Enter the LOA/LWOP dates on the End of the Month Report, if it is not entered already when the report runs.

Contact Yolanda Lundsgaard in the GME Office if there are questions or concerns.

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