PeopleSoft Launcher Instructions

Entering Schedules with New PeopleSoft PS Launcher

November 2016

Step 1: Log into Citrix (the icon may be different but it should be identified as Citrix) If you do not have an icon, go to

Step 2:Click on "Skip to Log on" to continue Citrix Login

Step 3: Enter LSU User name and Password

Step 4: Click on PS Desktop to continue the Login process

Step 5: Launch Citrix PS Desktop – Click on the launch box at the bottom left of the screen if it appears

Step 6: After logging into PS Desktop, select the PeopleSoft PS Launcher icon on the desktop

Step 7: These items should be selected in the boxes for Production.

  • PeopleSoft System = Human Capital Management
  • Database = PS 9.1 HCM Production (PS9HRPRD)
  • Application = PeopleSoft; then Click the Start Button.

Step 8: Click the Start Button

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