Accreditation Timeline

Accreditation Timeline


    • Begin to Update ACGME WebADS (July)
    • Monitor Case Log National Reports (July)
    • ACGME WebADS - First DRAFT due to Dr. Frey (Early Aug)
    • Present PEC Results/Minutes/APE to Faculty at Department Faculty Meeting for Approval (Aug)
    • Final APE due to GME (Sept)


    • Analyze Graduate Case Log Data Relative to National Norms
    • Report QI/Patient Safety Projects to EQuIP Office
    • CCC should meet to evaluate residents
    • Complete Mid-Year Evaluations
    • Upload Milestones Data


    • Respond to GMEC regarding ACGME Letter of Notification

      • Citations/Areas of Improvement
      • Track Areas for Improvement

      • Develop Action Plans

      • Submit Responses to GMEC

      • Enter in New Innovations

    • Complete ACGME Resident Surveys
    • Complete ACGME Faculty Surveys


    • Begin Updating Goals and Objectives
      • for PLAs and next Academic Year
    • Begin Updating Policies and Procedures
    • Complete ACGME Resident Surveys (April)
    • Complete ACGME Faculty Surveys (April)
    • LSU House Officer Survey & Review of Results (May)

    • Complete End of Year Program Evaluations - Residents & Faculty (June)
    • Collect all trainees & faculty Scholarly Activity for upcoming WebADS Update (June)

    • Organize Data for Program Evaluation Committee (PEC) - Annual Program Review
    • Submit any upcoming changes to Participating Sites to the GMEC for approval.
    • PEC - Review & Update Last Year's Program Improvement Action Plans
    • PEC - Develop New Program Improvement Action Plans
    • Analyze Institutional Graduate Exit Survey data (June/July)
    • ACGME Resident & Faculty Survey Results & Responses
    • Review Case Log Data & Upload Into WebADS
    • Coordinate residents end of year review for non-graduating residents
    • Upload Milestone Data
    • Enter all new house officers in WebADS after rollover (Late June)
    • Exit/Graduate all graduating house officers in WebADS after the rollover (Late June)

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