Annual Changes to WebADS

Annual changes to WebADS due August 1 - Email Dr. Frey

Annual Update

The ADS 2018-2019 Academic Year Annual Updates will be scheduled from July through August 2019. All required data must be reported on or before a program's scheduled deadline. An initial notification e-mail will be sent to the program at the beginning of the reporting timeframe with annual update requirements.

Revisions to the "Duty Hours/Learning Environment" Questions in the ADS Annual Update

To align with the revisions to Section VI of the Common Program Requirements (effective July 1, 2017), the "Duty Hours/Learning Environment" section of the Annual Update has been revised. This section is now entitled "Clinical Experience and Educational Work." The existing questions in the section have also been revised so that terms conform with the Common Program Requirements. Three new questions have also been added.

Year-End Case Data Verification Deadline for Graduating Residents and Fellows

Specialties that require use of the ACGME Case Log System must verify data for their 2018-2019 graduates. Instructions for doing so are in the User Guide found under the Case Logs tab in ADS. The verification deadline for each specialty will display in the system 30 days prior to the due date. To view the deadline date, log into ADS, click on the Program tab, and then review the "Important Dates" section in the right-hand side navigation.

Year-end Case Log verification deadlines are also available through the ADS public site. Select the "Specialty Case Log Information Report" to view this information.

For Coordinators and Directors
  1. Make changes in ADS
  2. Email Dr. Frey by August 1 (prior to submission)

  3. Approval will be emailed back to you by Dr. Frey
  4. Submit your changes
Areas for Special Attention

 Major Changes & Other Updates

 Participating Sites

Sites should be listed consistently throughout the document; PRINT to ensure reordering is correct.

 Institutional Block Diagram

Data must match in all areas of the document.

Instructions for Creating a Block Diagram

Sample Block Diagram

 Program Director Time

 Physician Faculty Roster

 Non-Physician Faculty

 Faculty CVs


No 2 faculty can share a Pub Med ID.

 Actively Enrolled Residents

 Resident Scholarly Activity

 Residents on Leave

 Completion Rates


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