V.B. Faculty Evaluation

V.B.1. The program must have a process to evaluate each faculty member's performance as it relates to the educational program at least annually. (Core)

V.B.1.a) This evaluation must include a review of the faculty member's (Core)

Background and Intent

The program director is responsible for the education program and for whom delivers it. While the term "faculty" may be applied to physicians within a given institution for other reasons, it is applied to residency program faculty members only through approval by a program director. The development of the faculty members improves the education, clinical, and research aspects of a program. Faculty members have a strong commitment to the resident and desire to provide optimal education and work opportunities. Faculty members must be provided feedback on their contribution to the mission of the program. All faculty members who interact with residents desire feedback on their education, clinical care, and research. If a faculty member does not interact with residents, feedback is not required. With regard to the diverse operating environments and configurations, the residency program director may need to work with others to determine the effectiveness of the program's faculty performance with regard to their role in the educational program. All teaching faculty members should have their educational efforts evaluated by the residents in a confidential and anonymous manner. Other aspects for the feedback may include research or clinical productivity, review of patient outcomes, or peer review of scholarly activity. The process should reflect the local environment and identify the necessary information. The feedback from the various sources should be summarized and provided to the faculty on an annual basis by a member of the leadership team of the program.

V.B.1.b) This evaluation must include written, anonymous, and confidential evaluations by the residents. (Core)

V.B.2. Faculty members must receive feedback on their evaluations at least annually. (Core)

V.B.3. Results of the faculty educational evaluations should be incorporated into program-wide faculty development plans. (Core)

Background and Intent

The quality of the faculty's teaching and clinical care is a determinant of the quality of the program and the quality of the residents' future clinical care. Therefore, the program has the responsibility to evaluate and improve the program faculty members' teaching, scholarship, professionalism, and quality care. This section mandates annual review of the program's faculty members for this purpose, and can be used as input into the Annual Program Evaluation.

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