Notification of Employee Separation

Form Name:LSUHSC-NO Notification of Employee Separation
Completed By:Coordinator
Used When:Notifying HR of House Officer terminations at the end of the Academic Year and/or if not submitting the electronic ePAF Termination PER 3
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Instructions for Sending Email to the LSUHSC-NO Notification of Employee Separation

Do Not send thie Email if the termination was completed with the electronic ePAF Termination PER 3 process.

This is only completed for House Officers that will be included in the End-of-The Year Batch Termination process or if a Paper Termination PER 3 is required to Terminate a House Officers (needed for Gratis House Officers).  For House Officers terminated with the ePAF Termination PER 3 process, the information is automatically sent to the Notification of Employee Separation email distribution list when the ePAF termination process is initiated.  

Include in the Email:

1) Employee Name

2) Date of separation (This date should be the 1st day the resident/fellow should NOT be paid same as effective date on the PER 3)

3) Whether or not the employee is on an International VISA 

4) State whether or not there are any special arrangements made with the employee for the period prior to the separation date?  (i.e. working from home)

5) Send a copy of the email to Yolanda Lundsgaard.

Employee includes Residents and Fellows.

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