EQuIP Participation Outline

Form Name:EQuIP Participation Outline
Completed By:Residents on EQuIP Rotation and EQuIP Staff
Used When:At resident's completion of rotation

To document QI project presented to EQuIP staff, and to be used by programs to track program QI activity

Direct Questions To:Thibodeaux, Savannah
Form Link: EQuIP Participation Outline


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    Blady, Donna (Directory)
          UMCNO Quality Department
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    EQuIP Participation Outline (Forms & Documents)
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    Thibodeaux, Savannah (Directory)
          GME Operations
          Program Letters of Agreement
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    Accreditation (Accreditation) Annual changes to WebADS are to be sent to the GME office. Information will be communicated about this annually. If you have questions, Email Dr. Frey
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    EQuIP (Terms and Abbreviations)
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    Enhancing Quality Improvement for Patients (EQuIP) Program (Terms and Abbreviations) — The Enhancing Quality Improvement for Patients (EQuIP) Program at the LSU School of Medicine is an institution-wide initiative to engage residents and fellows in systems-based quality improvement programs. In cooperation with faculty supervisors and mentors, the EQuIP program will empower the House Officers of the LSU School of Medicine to contribute to scholarly activity and the implementation of clinical quality improvement initiatives at our affiliated training institutions, with the goal of improving outcomes for patients and inculcating a culture of quality improvement and patient safety.

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