Transfer and Promote Spreadsheet

Form Name:Transfer & Promote Spreadsheet
Completed By:Program Coordinator
Used When:The Transfer & Promote Spreadsheet is submitted in March every year to prepare for the New Academic Year.  

The purpose of the Transfer & Promote Spreadsheet is for the GME Coordinator to provide the GME Coordinator listed below with a list of House Officers Transferring ands Promoting for the New Academic Year.  The GME Coordinator will provide a Master list of House Officers Transferring and Promoting for the New Academic Year to Human Resources.  Human Resources will manually enter the House Officer's correct training program and correct house officer level for the new Academic Year. The Master Spreadsheet will include the names and the House Officer level of the House Officers Transferring and Promoting to a different training program at LSUHSC-N.O. (such as a graduating resident moving to a fellowship program or an intern moving to a residency specialty like Dermatology or Radiology).

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Instructions for Completing the Transfer & Promote Spreadsheet

The Program Coordinator in the Program the House Officer is transferring to will print and submit the signed Transfer & Promote spreadsheet(s) to the GME Coordinator listed above.

First the House Officer's Training Program and House Officer Level must be correct in New Innovations.  Program Coordinator's review the House Officer's information in New Innovations to confirm or update if needed.

The Transfer & Promote spreadsheet(s), that includes the data in New Innovation, may be downloaded from the GME Online Appointment Forms system, and can be printed when selecting "Print Transfer Spreadsheet"

If the Training Program has more than one House Officer Transferring and promoting from different training Programs for the new academic year, a separate Transfer & Promote spreadsheet will print for these House Officers when the Print Transfer Spreadsheet is selected,  (i.e. a spreadsheet for a Medicine N.O. HO 1 resident transferring to Dermatology and promoting to HO 2 will print, and a separate spreadsheet for a Medicine-Baton Rouge resident transferring to Dermatology and promoting to HO 2 will print.). 

Print Spreadsheets in Portrait Format

Spreadsheets should be signed by all parties  and submitted to the GME Coordinator listed above.

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