PER 3 Instructions for Promoting a House Officer

A paper PER 3 is required to Promote House Officers.  The Paper PER 3 is found on the LSUHSC website:  Human Resources Forms - House Officer PER 3 (Scroll down on left side find PER 3 (Student Workers, House Officers, POA supplements), Click on the Link, the PER  3 form in Excel format will open.

House Officer’s EMPLID. May be looked up in New Innovations under Personnel Data; or on BOM and EOM reports.
PeopleSoft Position Number.  May be looked up in New Innovations under Personnel Data.  It begins with 3 0’s followed by 5 digits, i.e. 00012345.
Enter Last Name, and First name as it appears in PS, Middle initial is optional
Should be the House Officer’s current title, i.e. “House Officer 3”
Medicine for Medical School Programs; Dental for Dental School Programs
Department Name and add Program name, i.e., Medicine-Cardiology

The code that identifies the Department and sometimes Section.  It begins with “NO” and is followed by 7 digits.  It can be found in the House Officer’s personnel record, in PS, and on the Appointment PER 2,  i.e. NO1496456.  The full list of department codes is also available here.

  • Put an “X” in the Box in front of the #6
  • Enter the new title for the level that the House Officer is promoting or changing to (i.e. "House Officer 3").
  • Effective – enter the effective date of the promotion, it should be the same date as the Transfer effective  date in #5
  • Current, Last Incumbent, Justification can be left blank

This section is optional.  The Coordinator can type any specific information regarding the action for the PER 3. i.e. if the PER is for a transfer and the House Officer is not promoting or is moving to a lower level (changing from a House Officer 2 to a House Officer 1), include this information.  If entering information, put an “X” in the box in front of the #8

  • Effective – Enter the Beginning date of the Academic Year or the Beginning date of the House Officer’s period of Appointment if it does not Begin July 1.     
  • Funds End Date – Enter the Ending date of the Academic Year or the Ending date of the House Officer’s period of Appointment, if it does not end June 30.
  • Rate of Pay
    • from $ - If promoting or level is changing, Enter the current Hourly pay rate (available on the House Officer Pay Scale)
      • Enter an “X” in the Hourly box.  If not promoting or level is not changing, leave blank.
    • to $ - Enter the new hourly pay rate if promoting (available on the House Officer Pay Scale); Enter the Current pay rate if there is no change to the hourly pay rate.
      • Enter an “X” in the “Hourly” box.
  • On the basis of
    • Period of Appt - Enter an “X” in the “From” and “To” boxes

Chart Section  - This Chart String is used on PER 2s when Appointing House Officers and it is used on PER 3s for House Officers that Promote, Graduate, Resign and Terminate 
  • LSU Account # - Leave blank
  • LSU Description - Resident Suspense
  • Dept. Code - 1980003
  • Fund - 911
  • Program - 99001
  • Class - 99100
  • Project/Grant - 9980000109
  • Acct - 505000
  • % Dist - 100
  • Present Amount - the House Officer's current annual salary (available on the House Officer Pay Scale)
  • Proposed Amount - the new annual salary for the House Officer if promoting / changing levels.  If not promoting, enter the present salary.

  • Initiating Officer – Department Business Manager, Assistant Business Manager or designee signs and dates as the Initiating Officer
  • Initials – some Departments require the Coordinator that processed the PER 3 to initial and date in the first space
  • Scan Final To - Should include appropriate contact's email address to receive PER 3 once HR has approved

Once Completed and signed, send the PER 3 to the GME Office.

Sample PER 3s
LSU GME Knowledge Base

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